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airport ‘meet and greet’
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making ticket reservations for cultural and sporting events
gift shopping and obtaining export permits as required
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We recommend the following 3 star hotels in Belgrade:

Hotel: Hotel Park
Address: Njegoševa 4

It is located 1km away from the commercial and business part of Belgrade , in a quiet part of the city.

A park suitable for relaxation after a hard day is nearby. It is 21.5 km away from the airport. The hotel has 2 suites, 73 double, 2 three bedded and 50 single rooms, a restaurant, cafe bar, garage, conference hall, internet cafe, wellness center, travel agency and a gift shop.

Hotel: Hotel Prag
Address: Kraljice Natalije 27

It is located in the shopping and business center of Belgrade, near the railway station.

The Hotel Prague was built in several stages in 1929, 1936 and 1978, when it was added two more annexes, and because of its architecture, typical for the period of construction, it was registered in the Office for the Protection of Cultural Monuments. It is 21 km away from the airport. The hotel comprises: 67 double and 45 single rooms, a restaurant and a coffee bar.

Hotel: Hotel Le Petit Piaf
Address: Skadarska 34

It is situated in a quiet part of the city center, a bohemian quarter - Skadarlija, not far from Knez Mihailo Street. The main entrance to the hotel is located behind the house of a well-known Serbian writer and painter, Djura Jaksic. Since it is situated in a very attractive tourist location well-known for its restaurants, art galleries, antique and souvenir shops, on the one hand, and is very close to many office buildings, on the other hand, the hotel Le Petit Piaf is suitable not only for tourists, but also for business people.

In any case, the hotel is convenient for those who look for comfort and quality. It is 15 km far from the airport. The hotel offers 2 suites, 7 double rooms, a restaurant, cafe bar, terrace and a summer garden. Each room is equipped with cable TV, a non-stop internet access, safe, telephone line and central air ventilation system.

Hotel: Hotel Union
Address: Kosovska 11

This hotel was built in 1922 with architectural features typical for buildings of the early twentieth century. It belongs to 3 star hotels. The Hotel Union is located in downtown Belgrade - the administrative, business and cultural events center. The hotel is located 16 kilometers from the international airport, which is approximately a 20-minute car drive.

It offers 102 beds located in 54 rooms and 6 suites with bathrooms. All rooms are equipped with telephones, cable television, free online internet connection and mini bars. In addition to accommodation facilities, the hotel has a restaurant with 200 seats, a banquet hall, piano bar and a club with slot machines. The hotel has 12 free parking spaces, too.

Hotel: Hotel Kasina
Address: Terazije 25

It is located in the business and shopping center of Belgrade . Near the hotel there are: Knez Mihailo Street , the famous promenade of Belgrade with many shops, art galleries, and libraries, as well as the Republic Square, with the National Museum and the National Theatre. The airport is 20 km away from the hotel. It was built in 1856 and is one of the oldest hotels in Belgrade.

Kasina Hotel has 7 suites, 51 double and 32 single rooms, a classic restaurant with a lounge for meetings, a cuisine with Serbian and international specialties, brewery with separate beer saloon, casino, beauty and hairdressing salon, souvenir shop and a boutique.

Hotel: Hotel Srbija
Address: Ustanička 125B

The hotel is located in an eighteen-floor building next to a picturesque forest, in the park and urban neighborhood of Belgrade - Sumice. It is adjacent to two major highways in the country: one from Belgrade through Nis to Greece and the Middle East , and the other from Belgrade through Zagreb and Ljubljana to the countries of Western Europe .

This is one of the largest hotels in Belgrade . It is located 6.5km from the center of Belgrade and 23.5 km from the airport. The hotel has: 18 suites, 283 rooms, a restaurant, bar, parking with video surveillance and a conference room. Telephone: +381 60 55 45 001; +381 60 55 45 002
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