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Oplenac-Mausoleum of Serbian dynasty Karađorđević

Oplenac Mausoleum of Serbian dynasty Karađorđević is located on 39 km north west from Kragujevac, on the way to Belgrade . The leader of the First Serbian Uprising against the Turks, Karađorđe, was born in the nearby village Visevac near Raca. He made the nearby town of Topola the political and administrative seat of the liberated part of Serbia .

The monument complex include remains of Karađorđe fortress with tower, church, Karađorđe's palace where historical museum is now situated, and Mausoleum of dynasty Karađorđević at Oplenac with the Saint George church, the Endowment of King Peter the First Karađorđević.

Between 1811 and 1813, Karađorđe built a fortress with three-story towers and two palaces, for his family and guests, and the church dedicated to the Birth of the Virgin which was decorated with iconostas and fresco paintings. The tomb of Karađorđe is placed in the south apse of the church, the tomb of King Peter the First Karađorđević is placed in the north apse, while the other members of Karađorđević family are buried in the crypt.

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